Our Story

George Bulwer 1918 is a clothing brand established in commemoration of the never-say-die spirit displayed by and to celebrate the fruitful life of our family icon who was not meant to have been born but he made it.  The opposing forces intended that at least he was born a stillborn, but he was an adorable bambino (baby boy). As an infant he was breastfeeding from his grandmother who was on her seventies and thus breached the laws of Anatomy. A husband who had been destined to be childless however, he bore a dozen. The negative forces collaborated to make his name vanishes from the face of the Earth. However, it is now elevated by his great grandchildren who are committed to preserve his legacy and share it with generations to come.

The fact that George was raised under orphanage environment in a Roman missionary, his understanding of the concept "family" was broader and extended beyond the borders of the bloodline, ethnic groups, race, colour, religion, belief or creed. He was sympathetic to and had a soft spot for the orphans and the homeless. As a result, he was generous even to the strangers and provided a full protection to whoever happen to be under his shelter. The siblings, Aneliswa and Wandile are determined to accomplish his mission of a border-less family with no physical nor external barriers. The brother and sister are now extending an invitation to you to join their family by wearing the George Bulwer 1918 brand.

Wear the George Bulwer 1918 brand with the "Sii tu" attitude and make a sound statement which says: you are arrogant; you are confident; you are bold; you are unique; and you are the best you.
"Sii tu" is our Italian motto which means "Be you". Stop imitating or faking someone else and be comfortable in your own skin.


Our clothes are exclusively manufactured for George Bulwer 1918 from the initial designing stages up to final packaging stage which guarantees the authentic South African taste in fashion.
"George" is his name and "Bulwer" is his birthplace and "1918" is his birth year.

Let us salute the vibrant spirit of George who lived under hostile environment and produced life under lifeless circumstances.


Viva the spirit of George, viva!